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Couples counseling

Relationships are hard, and they have probably never been harder than they are right now. In my experience, couples get into trouble when they fall into styles of relating that awaken unconscious fears and anxieties. When this happens, both members of a couple can begin to respond to each other in defensive and non-supportive ways. No matter how strong the initial love or attraction, such destructive unconscious processes can eventually lead to the end of the relationship.

In couples therapy, I work to create a safe, supportive atmosphere where couples can begin to reverse this process – replacing defensiveness, fear and anxiety with understanding and mutual support. By learning to identify their individual pain points and triggers (usually resulting from past trauma or mistaken unconscious beliefs), both members of a couple can begin to work towards more harmonious relating.

It’s my belief that this process can benefit couples in any stage of the relationship “cycle” – even those couples who may feel that it’s already too late.

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